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Hair Care Guide

How to Care for your Hair Extensions and Lace Closures

Pre- Installations

1. Always cold wash hair extensions before installation. Its best especially for textured patterns.


1.  Do not cut hair weft unless you plan to seal the ends of the weft. Cutting will sometimes cause the hair to shed off the weft. Sealing the ends of the cut weft will minimize shed .

2.When installing do not push the needle throught the top of the weft, thus this will cause damage to the weft and cause hair to shed. Its best to sew over the weft.

Hair Maintenance

1. Use little light oil on the hair if you feel as if the hair feels dry. We recommend not to use oil especially on indian,malaysian,and brazilian hair. This will make the hair really greasy looking.

2. Always wrap your hair in a satin bonnet or scarf.

3.Shampoo at least once a week with a mild shampoo( Joico, Tresemme,Pantene) Products work great. if planning to use mouse/ styling Aids . Its best to cleasne hair daily so the product wont build up on the hair.

4.If planning to swim ,Please braid hair before swimming .Also shampoo hair right after with a Deep cleansing shampoo.

5.Textured hair Always braid hair at night before you sleep and place a satin cap on your head.

6. Always gently shampoo your extensions. Scrunching method is always the best to ensure you dont tangle your extensions .

Lace Closure Hair Maintenance

1. Follow the above methods.

2. Make sure when shapooing your closure you are very careful with the lace.Because its so thin you dont want to tear the lace.

3. Before installing  your closure sealing the knots are recommended. Do this to ensure a lasting closure. Our closures will last UP to a year with proper care.